The first premium broth good enough to drink!

We Cooked Up Soup Into a Strong Brand

Founded in 1998, Zoup! is the leading fast-casual soup concept restaurant that is defining the category with its premium and proprietary soups and other recipes. A dining experience that features 12 always-rotating soup varieties each day in an environment that focuses on comfort, satisfaction and convenience, Zoup! has grown its network of franchises to over 100 restaurants throughout the District of Columbia, Colorado, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Illinois and Ontario, Canada. For more information, visit

Creating the Freshest, Best-Tasting Broth

The inspiration for Good, Really Good™, Premium Broths came from our own staff - and many of our restaurant customers - who told us they were frustrated by the lack of really good, fresh-tasting broth available at grocery stores.

As the leading fast-casual soup concept restaurant, it's only natural that we took this feedback to heart. And, when we did our own research we discovered that even with the hundreds of boxed and canned broth brands out there, really good broth - good enough for cooking AND drinking - simply didn't exist.

We Put Our Broth to the Test

See how our customers react when they compare Good, Really Good™ Broth to the competitors!